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How to Make Kumihimo-Style Braided Bracelets on DIY Discs

Braided Bracelets
Part 2 of 2
The exquisite Japanese art of braid making is called kumihimo (see my past post). Complex patterns are created using tools such as the discs or larger wooden looms. Many jewelry artisans have exploited this technique by adding beads into the interlaced cords to create beautiful bracelets. If you are new to this technique, here are a couple of tutorials using DIY tools to try before you commit to proper kumihimo discs.

1. Cardboard braiding disc
This tutorial is also suitable for younger beaders as only yarn and a piece of cardboard with 8 slits and a hole in the middle are required. It is easy as only 7 strands of yarn are used so there is always one empty slot to guide the braider. How to make friendship bracelets is on and was uploaded by Mangetout.

2. Wooden Braiding Disc
Kiteman on shows you how to make your own wooden disc from 1/4" plywood and proceeds to the weaving instructions all in one tutorial. There is a pdf version but you have to be a member. This one requires 8 strands as for kumihimo. He also wrote the tutorial for the 16 strand bracelet (shown at the top) using the same wooden disc.

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  1. I've seen this technique looks like fun, just never gotten around to trying it!


  2. Great idea. I'm always looking for things to do with my grandchildren. Thanks

  3. I’ve designed braided bracelets before. But I never did it like you. Love your cardboard idea. It saves more time. Thanks

  4. Add beads to the yarn and you have a style that competes with crochet or round peyote. Great post!


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