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How to Make Your Own Earring Display Tutorials

Showcasing Jewelry
Part 3 of 5
Here are my favorite earring display tutorials from the internet. Be sure to bookmark this page or look for it in my resource hub page - Jewelry Making Tips as I will update the post with future finds.

1.Kelly of Richmond Craft Mafia has a wonderful earring display tutorial using a vintage style suitcase or trunk (shown above). I'm sure the basic design can be adapted to other types of jewelry. What I like about this display is both its individuality and the fact it also stores jewelry safely during transportation.Via

2. Everyday Sugar has the cleverest tutorial idea with the artificial silk flower blooms with long stems. She shows you how to twist a few stems together to form a jewelry tree. Small jewelry trees will suit earrings just perfectly.

3. Flirty Guide's earrings on a pretty picture frame integrates jewelry in home decor! Definitely for earring divas! She uses beadalon wire across the width of the frame. So the whole idea works better if you find an openwork frame. Via

4.If you like the idea of picture frames but would rather have a backing and a solid frame, then check out Emily of FortheLoveofBeads's picture frame display. She uses a covered cardboard backing and ribbons she already had to hang her chain maille earrings.

5. WhoisTracy's earrings display case tutorial allows you to make a custom box not only to display but store your earrings under glass if you wish. I've seen a similar display in a local family restaurant.

6. Christyn North of Bead Up did a wonderful DIY jewelry display made from twigs. She adapted the idea from the original table display tutorial on Hostess with the Mostess blog. It's a very versatile display as you can use it for earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

7. Christyn was on a roll and also came up with her artsy tutorial for making an easel style display for earrings and necklaces on cards.

8. Two Hearts Together did a lovely video tutorial on how to make a ribbon earring display. The video link is here.

9. I never knew chicken wire could come in useful. Check out the clever jewelry chandelier tutorial by Theresa Conzalez and Nicole Smith from their book called Dorm Decor.

10. Same with an embroidery hoop!  Strong netted paper is used but I think the holes in regular aida cloth are also perfect for hooking on earrings. This tutorial is by Little Treasures. Via

 1. Check my past post on two tutorials on earring cards which showcase just single pairs of earrings for sale. These are for stud as well as longer earrings.

2. LazyDaisyGlass has another earring cards display tutorial which is sized for studs and shorter earring dangles although the author points out you can easily custom the template to suit.

3. Thought Bubbles uses printed cardstock to great effect. Her tutorial shows you how to make colorful earring cards. Her custom stamping adds the handmade touch beautifully.

4. If you like color but only on the borders of your earring cards, then check out Barb Macy's earring card tutorial. She suggests the use of self-printed business cards mounted on pretty colored paper.

5. Check out  Jewelry Display Ideas for more suggestions.
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  1. Wow, awesome ideas! I love them all!! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Earring displays have always been hard for me. Thanks for these great suggestions.

  3. ooo - that tree is a really neat idea! I think my cats would like it too much tho hehe


  4. Great ideas! You come up with such useful info, Pearl. Thanks so much.

    Susan W. in Whitby, ON

  5. You're all very welcome! That's the whole point about this blog - inspirational, informative and hopefully entertaining too!

  6. Great tutorials Pearl...I always have problems displaying earrings...I've tried every way possible and I've never been really happy with any one particular way with the exception of the individual displays...but you can only have so many of those sitting around! :0)

    I do like the fold over display tutorial...


  7. Great post! Thanks for featuring my earring box tutorial. Nice to see all the goodness out in blogland.

  8. Thanks Pearl, let me add my appreciation for this post. I have finally decided to sell to stores directly so am looking for portable displays and this is perfect. For all that I have learned from you, you would be able to create a "how to start your own jewellery business on a shoestring kit". Keep em coming you are the greatest. Peace for all

  9. Alright, this is just too flippy! I came online to look for how to make homemade displays for my jewelry! This is just way cool!!!
    ~ Ux

  10. Great ideas! thanks for sharing these with us, I've been looking for creative ideas -- love the trunk.

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  13. Dear Pearl, thank you for including my earring embroidery loop display! I am glad you wrote to me so that now I can explore your blog! And thank you for sharing all these lovely ideas!

  14. awesome ideas!! thank you for sharing

  15. Same problem here untill some days ago...
    Had an idea and my husband made it to practice. It worked out beautifully... :)

  16. Yes, it is lovely! I really liked the use of the mesh wire sections for the earrings! Thanks for sharing it with us here! Pearl

  17. I love the one by Everyday Sugar, it's so pretty, yet pretty simple to create. :)

  18. I have used embroidery hoops with black velvet, Aida cloth and other colors as the season demanded. They are great for hanging, but need support for displaying on a table...which can lead to more challenges. Another thing I do is use pre-stretched canvases. I use a thumbtack to create the holes for French wire earrings. This allows the earrings to hang correctly, as oppose to "turning" like they will when I used a fabric-covered canvas because of the way the hooks are compressed between the canvas and the fabric. If you happen to have a nice easel it makes it easy to display dozens of pairs of earrings without using all the space on your table tops in limited vending areas - with the added advantage of drawing the eye from a distance. I can't tell you the number of people who have said, "I saw your display from WAY OVER THERE and just had to get a better look!"

  19. Easels and a cork board are my most favorite way of displaying my earrings on earring cards! You are so right that the board is visible from afar and showcases earrings well.


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