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Showcasing jewelry
I'm pretty sure none of you are going to bookmark this post from the current series! If you've been following my blog for a while, you would have noticed a feature I do which is on unusual jewelry photo shoots - such as jewelry displayed on real human skeletons, on lingerie models and even on muscular young men (that one had some readers hyperventilating). Well, it was inevitable that jewelry would be photographed on beautiful women albeit with a twist - without any clothes on.

Padma Lakshmi, celebrity cook, former model and ex-wife of novelist Salman Rushdie, recently bared it all in latest ads (shown above left) to promote her jewelry collection. Then Eric Guillemain photographed Jessica Stam for a stunning black and white spread in Vs magazine's fall issue.

Without a doubt the photographers have a wonderful talent for capturing beauty. Such beautiful glowing skin and lovely bodies to admire and envy. But which did you notice first? The jewelry or the models?

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  1. It would be fun to see some vintage jewelry shoots! Somewhere around 1950's!

  2. I noticed the woman in the first photo and the jewelry in the second photo. I think maybe because she had more jewelry on, it was in black and white and her beauty didn't stand out rather the beauty of the jewelry did. If I was looking at both ads to shop...I'd shop from the second one.

  3. I noticed the whole woman in the first photo and the face of the woman in the second photo...neither is a good shot for advertising jewelry in my opinion!

    The first one could be for a self tanning product... :0)

    I also would love to see photos from the 50's or how about a series of vintage photos beginning with the 1900's, wouldn't that be fun... :0) As if you aren't busy enough already!!!



  4. Interesting post. I'm experimenting too with photographing silver jewellery.


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