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How to Make Your Own Ring Display Tutorials

I bought one of those black foam ring displays. It didn't cost a whole lot of money but it was underwhelming to look at. The black doesn't really showcase my rings well but showed every speck of dust like the best of anti-dandruff shampoo commercials!

So I went hunting on the internet to find some super tutorials on how to make all kinds of jewelry displays and organisers. You don't have to be a jewelry artisan to appreciate some of them. I shall update 3 (out of 5) of these posts as I find good tutorials so please bookmark these posts or check my tutorial hub (jewelry making tips).

Not only would DIY jewelry displays be cheaper than the shop variety but you also get to custom the color and the look you want. First up are the ring displays from truly creative artisans. They do say necessity is the mother of invention.

1. Shop Popko has a really good idea. The tutorial involves a shallow box, foam cut to fit the box and a piece of fabric to cover the foam as shown above. You could coordinate the color of the fabric to suit your booth or bedroom if you only make rings for yourself. Via

2. Plaidcrafter on has a great tutorial made from a cigar box and an old sweater. Utterly brilliant and eco-minded! I particularly like the option of having a lid to protect the rings especially during transportation. If you don't have a cigar box, a plain wooden craft box can be decorated to suit.

If you don't sell jewelry, the box is handy to keep your jewelry organised. You could add an anti-tarnish strip or a silica bag to keep the silver shiny during storage.

3.This ring display from Thought Bubbles requires a ring mandrel which acts as the form to construct the tapering "horn". You can use this one for rings of differing sizes. Via

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  1. OH! I looove the one with the cigar box and the old sweater! Gorgeous and artistic-looking. Brilliant.

  2. I too love the cigar box idea. Will definately have to keep this posts bookmarked! Thanks for a fabulous idea Pearl!

  3. Great displays Pearl...I've also purchased ring displays but as you say they generally don't show off the rings well.

    This summer due to theft I also purchased a display with a glass lid and that was a mistake to some degree as people don't seem to look/purchase the way they did when the rings were in a regular turns them off!!


  4. I agree about the glass lidded display - whilst they keep dust and pilfering down, they are off-putting to potential customers.

    I think it is better to display with the lid open. If you're tight on space, keep the lip upright by leaning it against something. Maybe even using the inside part of lid as a mini-poster area.

  5. what cute ideas! ..I've been making more rings recently so these links will be helpful. My last craft fair I ended up putting my rings in a brown bowl w/ coffee beans..they stuck in there nicely and the coffee added a wonderful aroma to my booth.

  6. I'll bet the lovely aroma draws in the customers! Thanks for sharing your display trick!

  7. Love these ideas and especially the cigar box. Adding a link back to yours from my blog.

  8. I've never made any rings but those are some great ideas!


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