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Luxury Jewelry Pictures with Seashells and Coral

I've noticed many artisans take wonderful pictures of their jewelry creations with seashells even starfishes, on sand and rocks. One example is a reader, Hawaiian Jamee who writes the Jonara Blu Maui blog. As a Canadian, I like gawking there particularly in the middle of winter!

8.74 carat emerald cut blue diamond (estimated US$3.7-4.5 million)

Need more photographic inspirations? Well, here are more seashell, sand and coral pictures from Sotheby's upcoming Magnificent Jewels auction on October 7 in Hong Kong with drool worthy gems, the likes of which we could never afford. And I thought the bottom fell out of the luxury market!

Pink and colored diamond and emerald choker (estimated US$640,000-700,000)

Natural seawater pearls and diamond necklace (estimated US$540,000-640,000)

Jadeite (imperial jade) and diamond earrings (estimated US$360,000-480,000)
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  1. getting ideas now for my own photo efforts :)

  2. The shells yes, the sand, no! I know for sure I would have a devil of a time keeping those stray grains of sand from getting everywhere in the pics! Pretty when someone else does it though.

  3. all the signature is a star fish and I have a 12inch one that I use in my displays along with shells, I've tried taking photos of my product with them but they always look to busy for my liking!!! :0)


  4. Nice post - coral pictures ..Keep Posting

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