Wordcraft Part 1 of 3
As many of you have gathered already, I enjoy crafting with words. Therefore I was predictably charmed when I came across Anna's work. Here is someone who also appreciates words. Anna is the artisan behind BrassIsaac on Etsy and specialises in personalized nameplates and monograms. The design that caught my eye first was her I forgot necklace featuring a shrinky dinks pendant and a vintage brass necklace.

Anna says she started making jewelry when she was only 10. Her mother actually made a living selling beaded jewelry at craft shows before opening her make-your-own-jewelry store. She worked there through her high school years. After a hiatus earning her law degree and working, she has returned to crafting.

Like many artisans, she began making jewelry for friends and family first and later started to sell them. Anna says she "has always loved text for decoration" and started using little word charms. 

Her inspiration came from the magnetic poetry kits for fridges. She now makes words which she then combines together later in pleasing sets. Anna naturally does custom designs too.

She says she wears different ones according to her moods and finds it fun watching people read and interpret them. I say she's on to a good thing because it sure beats this :

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