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$3,000,000 Bra : Victoria Secret's Fantasy Diamond Bra

I don't get underwear bling. Nobody else is going to see it unless you count the large male audience tuning into CBS's Victoria Secret's Fashion Show airing on December 1!

This year's star attraction at the show and in their Christmas catalog is the Victoria's Secret Fantasy Harlequin bra, a $3 million dollar creation by Diamani with 150 carats worth of over 2,350 white, champagne and cognac-colored diamonds. They adorn the convertible bra in the distinctive harlequin pattern which took 15 artisans at Valenza workshop 800 hours to complete. In the Entertainment Tonight video, model Marisa Miller shows off the rare heart-shaped 16-carat champagne diamond dangling in the front during a photo shoot.

It is a luxury item but on the plus side, this bra looks a lot more comfortable than the Swarovski bling-kini I wrote about before! Via and via

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  1. A little "excess" can be great... This is just "excessive excess" ... I mean, how long would a bra like that even stay on someone anyway. ;-) Pretty sure they could've gotten the same look, or 'wow' ... or whatever... with cubic zirconia! The 'wow' here might be more about the BOOBS in it than the diamonds on it! hehehe... Wonder how many wells that'd pay for in Africa.

  2. I think for the investment, a $3m diamond bra paid back in tons of publicity for Victoria's Secret. That dangling pendant is sure to draw the eye to the model's cleavage!

  3. I think this bra as well as other bras VS has advertised is a waste of good gems. I'm a jewelry freak by nature and even I wouldn't buy this. how silly. You are right no one will see it aside from the male crowd at the show.Why don't they make a good bra for girls like myself who are on the smaller side. We can't all be C's and D's ya know!!

    That's just what i think.
    Best Wishes,

  4. The is strictly a publicity gimmick. I can't imagine a woman buying it for herself, and the only type of guy who would buy it as a gift is one who is into trophies. I can only imagine the mixed feelings of the woman who received it as a gift! I'll bet it never sells and either ends up in a museum, or the stones are removed and used for something else. In either case, what a waste!


  5. Cute and pretty? Yes. Worth THAT much money? No.

    For a tasteful lady, the only person who'll be seeing your underwear is the one you're sleeping with. I imagine they tend to prefer you without the underwear anyway ;-)

  6. Gorgeous,but not practical...just a publicity draw!!!

    Can't see any woman with enough money buying it...imagine how uncomfortable it would be... :0)


  7. I have to admit, I *do* get the underwear bling...I used to work at Victoria's Secret. Yes, for them it's a publicity thing, for the most part the bras are generally not practical. But that's the point, it's fantasy and if you reach into your inner woman...they ARE fabulous bras! I mean come on...all that shimmer and sexiness..I guess you have to be into lingerie. Anyhow, thanks for sharing Pearl!

  8. Tamara - I agree this one may be more about the boobs!!!


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