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PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride. The material is extensively used in construction because it is cheap, easy to use and is very durable. Softer and more flexible types are produced by adding plasticizers in order to make many things including upholstery, flexible tubing, electrical insulation, waterbeds, clothing and - thanks to creative artisans - even jewelry.

Chunky Style
Take a look at the above bracelet. Would you have guessed it started out as a piece of PVC pipe? I certainly didn't. Gail of Can't Stop Making Things wrote a wonderful chunky bracelet tutorialwhere she shows you how to transform a cut piece of pipe into a cool and very cost effective bracelet. A shank button was used as the focal, the stamping was done with StazOn ink and the magic ingredient was brown shoe polish!

Delicate Style
Emma Ralph of EJRBeads in the UK came up with this pretty Sterling Silver and PVC bracelet tutorial. Small holes were poked through short lengths of matte black square solid PVC cording and integrated into her bracelet design. The Italian made solid PVC cording is specifically for jewelry making - something I haven't seen before.It apparently will not rot or harden unlike leather or rubber.

Her store sells it. If you are an Aussie reader, A&E Metal Merchants also sell the square variety in 2 sizes.

I did more searching on the internet and found that KwikCrafts based in Ohio, sell hollow, round PVC cords which they call Loopie cord. Sunshine Crafts also sell Loopie cord.

For more tutorials check out my Jewelry Making Tips

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  1. Wow...what great ideas... I love the cuff!!!


  2. I'm sorry Pearl to repeat the same thing I say here quite often but - I am so amazed at people's creativity!

  3. Neat! I love finding new ways to reuse these basic materials!

  4. Thanks for linking my PVC bracelet tutorial. I was wondering why the uptick in beaders following my blog. Now I know! Stay tuned to CSMT for future jewelry tutes- one in just few weeks.

    Bead on!

  5. Now these are definately GREEN style jewelry! Fantastic!

  6. Cool. Talking about makes sense. Is recognized. Hope that it will often share such a good text. I will always be concerned about, because you can learn some knowledge, thank you for sharing, and i love PVC leather very much !

  7. Fantastic post and great job you've done it! Chunky bracelet tutorial is just awesome.


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