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Frankenstein Stitch and Zombie Bloody Chokers for Halloween

Trick or Treat
Part 1 of 6
Did you know that the novel Frankenstein was written by a woman? The authoress was Mary Shelley, wife of the tragic English poet, Percy Shelley.She wrote it in 1818 in an era when the Gothic novel - a mixture of horror and a dash of romance - was popular. In the book, Frankenstein is not made from body parts but so many films have shown him to be a stitched together creation that it has become ingrained in our popular culture.

If you're dressing up as the monster himself or the Bride of Frankenstein for some Halloween or plain old ghoulish fun, then check out VonErickson on Etsy's "Original Stitch and Bloody Ghoul-ery" accessory line. He makes his jewelry out of durable vinyl. This New York based artisan actually works in a lab by day which is neat because Frankenstein's creator was a scientist.

VonErickson also plays upright bass for "The Memphis Morticians" which does not surprise me given his dripping bloody choker necklaces. Perfect for some zombie fun. VonErickson also writes a blog. Via

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  1. wow... interesting...

  2. I've decided that I'm not much of a Halloween fan. Took me a long time to do that, I guess.

  3. Eerie, but interesting. I think they're perfect for those who like to dress goth.

  4. Definitely not something I would want to sport year round but certainly something to keep in the costume supplies.

  5. I'm a little worried about VonErickson, so very morbid, eh?

  6. I'm not the sort who enjoys the dressing up part but I love seeing how others have fun at this time of year!

  7. Those who like to dress Goth would like this...something for everyone!!!!! :0)

    Even as a child I wasn't into Halloween costumes...but I too enjoy seeing how others enjoy themselves!


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