Trick or Treat Part 2 of 6
I've covered how to make witch earrings before. They are perfect for Halloween. How about spiders instead? The sort that don't send you running and screaming? Shown here are my copper version of the wire and bead variety you can easily do. Mine is a variation of the classic wire and bead spider without beads on the legs. For the basic instructions check out the first free tutorial link below.

Azareral's spider tutorial is more for brooches (with pin finding glued underneath) or as standalone ornaments.  But if you omit the mouth parts and have the wire wrapped loop at the top then you can suspend the spiders from ear wires.

Tammy Powley's wire and bead spider tutorial produces one of the most realistic spiders I've seen! I like how she uses bugle beads for the legs. Check her additional post for tips to make the spiders into earrings.

Laura Bracken's tutorial pdf has the same general instructions with a number of beaded variations for inspiration.

For diehard beaders, you can make the whole spider with just seed beads as shown by the tutorial from

Eyes not what they used to be? Then try larger beads rather than seed beads in this beaded spider tutorial by Jax on

Karen K on Cutoutandkeep has a great spider web earring tutorial you can whip up quickly. She uses a wine charm as the form but making a round wire shape with a wire wrap loop at the top is not difficult (check out my Tree of Life pendant tutorial for instructions if you need them). You can custom the size of these earrings by choosing whatever is handy to wrap the wire around. Her spider is made from small pompoms with staples as legs. Try substituting a bead and wire spider or glue on a small plastic spider right on the web!

If you just like to make spider ornaments, here is a tutorial for a hanging beaded spider web complete with dangling spider. The spokes of the web are bamboo skewers but creative jewelry artisans can surely come up with a smaller scale version using wire instead - see the next tutorial.

Charlotte the spooky spider is a tutorial by 3 Beads & a Button using wire and beads for the web and the classic beaded spider. If you can make the web smaller (without or without beads) with a wire loop on one of the spokes, you've got yourself earrings!

What about rings? Loony lovegood wrote a tutorial for a bead decorated sculpey clay spider ring she made for a Harry Potter character (Luna, Harry Potter's friend, the slightly loony girl who wore pumpkin earrings).

Check out Saltha's video tutorial for another ornament creation. Her method employs different approaches. The head of the spider is actually formed from the first seed beads of all the legs. The wires going down the main body of the spider are manipulated so they decorate it.

If you've made it this far down, I assume you are not an arachnophobic. I'm not afraid of spiders either but I now feel an urge to clean up the cobwebs on my front porch!
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