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Embracing Hope is the new Hope Diamond setting

Hat tip to Stephanie (Crystal Allure Designs) for giving me the boot to get going with this update! Remember the post I wrote about Harry Winston and the 50th anniversary of the Hope Diamond at the Smithsonian? Well, the votes are in. Embracing Hope is the winning modern setting design to showcase the Hope. It garnered some 45,000 out of 110,000 votes cast.

The jewelers at Harry Winston's are busy working on the new setting. The Hope is currently on display totally bare for the next few months until Embracing Hope is ready. The purists amongst you need not worry. Embracing Hope is temporary. Sometime in late 2010, the Hope will return to its past setting shown below.Via

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  1. Aww thanks for the mention Pearl! You know, I don't even remember which setting I voted for -the blue diamond was just too mesmerizing!

  2. The diamond is simply stunning...I like the first setting as you mention it is very modern! The original setting is lovely as well but of course it looks dated...


  3. Dated or not - I still like the original. Some things are just classic!


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