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I came across these really clever jewelry related products and just had to share.

Ring Sizer Coasters
A couple of really innovative jewelry stores are using one of the cleverest marketing ideas I've come across in a while. They are interactive ring sizer coasters meant to be used in bars and restaurants to help bashful and clueless swains figure out what their lady love's ring sizes are.

The Canadian Jewelry Exchange not only has their store name and website on the coasters but they have this printed on: "Come on, he's not a mind reader. Let him know your ring size and leave the rest to us." Women are supposed to casually dangle the coaster on their ring finger in front of their boyfriends.

The jury is still out whether said boyfriends will bolt or buy. But south of the border, Maryland based Smyth Jewelers who sell engagement rings also think they're great and have distributed them to various Baltimore locations.Via and via

Ring Sticky Notes

Now once the happy couple is married, they might like to look into this variation of sticky notes. I could just envisage a whole bunch of "Honey To Do" chores. The ring serves as a "you promised" reminder!They are available from PA-Design for 3.30 Euros.Via

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  1. I would have to agree this is definately a great marketing idea. It never ceases to amaze me the uniqueness that can come from the jewelry market.

  2. Cute! I think any step towards helping guys overcome their cluelessness is fantastic. Although I see anyone and everyone trying on the ring coaster for giggles, not just girlfriends with their boyfriends.

  3. I think this is a great idea...not only great for the intended purpose, but for market/shows as well...


  4. They have really been a great addition to Jewelry Stores all over North America. Thanks for the great feed back guys. Brian Ring Sizer coaster


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