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Harrison Hollow Designs' Giveaway Polymer Clay Pen

Pen to Paper Part 2 of 3
This is the second special giveaway for this week - check yesterday's post for the first.

The word pen comes from Latin, pinna for feather. That's because feathers (and sticks) were the first writing implements used. The first recorded use of these pens was by ancient Indians in 5000 B.C. We've moved on since to more sophisticated pens!

Polymer clay is a wonderful medium for making beads. I hadn't really thought about it being used for other decorative items until Arlene of Harrison Hollow Designs offered this lovely Purple Poppers polymer clay pen as a giveaway. Use it as a creative muse or a one of kind gift for someone special. Write a comment below for your chance to win it. The contest closes at 8 am on October 20. I'll pick a winner and announce as soon as possible after that.

Arlene who is based in Mississippi, has indulged in many artistic pursuits over the years. When she discovered polymer clay, her decorative painting soon took a back seat to her new passion.

Do drop by Arlene's blog and her Etsy store where she is known as Ashpaints. She makes all kinds of things besides beads. Here are my favorites besides her pens. Her Reel Jewelry are special polymer clay decorative shells on necklaces. These hide the ugly but essential retractable ID badge reels some of us have to wear at work:

I also liked her mirrored polymer clay snowflake ornament. You know, if she could make them smaller, it would make fun, funky earrings which will reflect light. Arlene says she makes her own snow because they don't get any down in Mississippi. Well, I would gladly ship some from Canada if I could because we have more than we want up here!

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  1. Beautiful pen! Looks like it would be fun and inspirational to write with.

  2. What a great idea - jewelry for our ID badges! Love it! And her work is really nice!

  3. How creative! The pen is beautiful. I especially love the choice of colors. What fun this must have been to make.

  4. Wow! I love that pen. It is so pretty and unique.

  5. Ohhh I love purple and green together -my favorite awareness colors!

  6. Pretty pen - it would be fun to write with.

  7. Love the pen...Arlene has some pretty Christmas decorations in her Etsy shop as well...


  8. Word nerd here would love a new pen, especially one as pretty as that.

    Cranky Pants

  9. This left handed beader would love the pen....

  10. Absolutely beautiful! I love any type of writing instrument and this one would be a beautiful addition. What a great gift item too!

  11. What a cool thing to make with clay! It's a pretty pen too.


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