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For a long time, writing consisted of putting pen (or quills)to paper. Then typewriters were invented. Today many of us write on computers and indeed I would have difficulty reverting back to pen and paper. But the act of writing, be it pen and paper or keyboard produces the same results. It visualizes thoughts, gathers ideas together and sparks the imagination with stories. It is a creative process in itself. So it's not surprising some jewelry artisans particularly those who love books are inspired by writing.

1. Wordsmith Neck Ruffles
Squillinan on Etsy is an Australian living somewhere between Lima and Cusco in Peru. She has a literary background as she trained as a professional writer. She is also a self taught seamstress. Her jewelry creations reflect her combined experiences. Her neck pieces are constructed from carefully chosen words typed on strips of off cut Peruvian Pima cotton fabric and sewn together. The above design is her Foreigner neck piece where she started with that word and then went on to include 158 more.

One delightful design is her Why Suffer a Small Man Spam piece which is a collection of the words from the spam mail she received. She is the only jewelry artisan I know of who showcases "this unique and very amusing vernacular." Her necklace is virus-free, too!

2. Typographic Jewelry
Some writing can be lyrical like poetry and the words to songs. So the very clever stereo.type jewelry by Ebon Heath, a graphic designer and Dubai based jewelry designer, Mona Ibrahim look like the words (English and Arabic) have been set to music. The designs are bold and unisex.

3. Punctuation Jewelry
Have you read the book Eats, Shoots and Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation? It is a delightful book for punctuation sticklers who cringe at missing apostrophes, misplaced commas and the improper use of semi-colons. Punctuation is important if writing is to make sense. Remove that comma from the book's title and you're talking about a panda not a gunslinger.

So Etsian Nerdgoddess also known as Debbie, makes the perfect third feature artisan showcasing the writing theme with her polymer clay punctuation earrings. They come in a variety of colors. She is a college student who loves books (and video games) so it's not surprising she was inspired by this aspect of writing.

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