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How to make Halloween Jewelry with DG3 Art Gel

Trick or Treat Part 5 of 6
If you like the look of resin jewelry but are turned off with having to work with toxic material, there is a solution!

Digital artist, John Golden who produced a great set of resin jewelry tutorials I wrote about before, has come up with another video tutorial where he uses the less toxic DG3 Art Gel. He uses his Halloween graphics available from his Etsy store Golden Supply Company but this type of project is obviously not limited to the trick and treat season.

DG3 Art Gel is a Judikins adhesive and glazing product is similar their Diamond Glaze but is apparently glossy as well as clearer and stickier making it ideal for jewelry and polymer clay. If you search the internet, there are some vendors who sell it.

John also sells other graphics as well as the pendant and ring blanks. He writes a blog too.


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  1. Fascinating stuff! There's so many fantastic ways to make jewelry and so little time in the day. BTW-thanks for fanning me Pearl!

  2. Thank you for this info...I'm interested in giving resin a try one day but had no idea it was a toxic material! It's great to have an alternative product to use...I'll check it out!

  3. Cool stuff - I agree with Stephanie - so little time...


  4. I too was considering trying the resin products but I'm not a fan of working with toxic products...the DG3 gel sounds interesting!


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