Trick or Treat Part 4 of 6
There is plenty of skull and skeleton jewelry out there especially with Halloween coming up, making it hard to choose. But here are a couple of truly innovative designers who do something unique.

Zipper Skulls and Bones Jewelry
First up is Toniandtree on Etsy who make a whole range of awesome handmade vintage zipper brooches in their original colors.
 Shown here are their Halloween heart pins decorated with skulls, Swarovski crystals and charms.Although the basic shape is a heart, every one has been embellished in a different way.

The medical x-ray one made me smile. Their shop is definitely worth a browse because they cover other themes too - like awareness, golf, soccer, pets etc. Very cute! Via

Skeletal Hand Jewelry
Delfina Delettrez is a young jewelry designer who was born in Rome. She is a fourth generation Fendi. Her very first luxury jewelry collection was launched in Paris a year ago and celebrates her love of nature and as you can see, of anatomy too.  Her ultra radical skeletal hand jewelry is available for a jaw-dropping price at

Via  and via

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