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How to Stop Clasps from Moving to the Front of Necklaces

Keeping clasps at the back
Part 1 of 2 
Don't you just hate it when your necklace clasp moves to the front? Virtually all necklaces do that unless it is a claspless necklace.
There is not a whole lot you can do to stop it from happening as your daily movements will shift the necklace. The clasp ends up near your pendant because it can't get past it once it works its way down.

I've always thought that a counterweight on the clasp in the form of a charm will help keep it to the back provided the pendant is on the light side and the charm is hefty. This works to some degree but if you are like the energizer bunny, forget it.

A proven solution is to move the clasp to the front. Shown here is a toggle and bar clasp at the front of a necklace with a pendant hanging down from it.

Then I came across Domestic - divaonline's multi-clasp necklace tutorial and thought it is yet another solution to that pesky problem. This is likely the best one for chains without pendants. It is actually a design to make an adaptable length necklace.  The identical "links" are several short chain lengths each with a decorative clasp. You add as many links as needed for the right length necklace for a particular outfit.

With so many clasps, it really doesn't matter if the necklace moves around your neck because they are part of the necklace design. Brilliant!
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  1. Excellent tip! I've designed a few front toggle clasp necklaces and found them to be quite functional.

  2. Great ideas! I've done something similar with bracelets - adding the charm next to a pretty toggle clasp, so the clasp becomes a part of the overall style of the bracelet. I had never thought to apply that to necklaces!

  3. Wonderful ideas! For those necklaces where the clasp just WON'T stay in the back, superstition says that when the clasp moves to the front of your necklace, it means someone is thinking of you! I absolutely love the ideas for the front-toggle clasps and convertible necklaces, though!

  4. Great ideas...I've done a couple with the toggle at the front or side and I like how it works. I've also tried a dangle at the clasp and all that does on me is get tangled with the necklace itself??? :0)


  5. Fantastic Ideas! I've made a few designs with the clasp attach to the pendant and it works pretty good.

  6. I love your ideas! I made a few necklaces with the clasp attach to the pendant and it worked well. Thanks for your ideas

  7. Hopped here via the "All Clasp Necklace" post. With the all clasp necklace this would not be a concern as the clasp would always be in front, and in the back, and on the sides. :)
    But in all seriousness I do like the ideal of the multiple clasps design, it creates a very versatile piece . I also like the look of having a very special and eye-catching clasp at the front of a piece, and let's face it there are some really remarkable clasps on the market.

  8. I always make the chain extra long, almost like an adjustable length necklace, and put a jump ring & bead on the end so it hangs down the wearers back a bit. The bead weighs down the back side so the clasp doesn't move forward, and since the tail is longer-- its harder for it to move around

    1. Yes, that is what I like to do as well - the counterweight at the back helps keep ithe clasp stay put!


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