If you are really up to the challenge, then try making knot rings in wire! Here are tutorials to help you get started.

1.Turk's Head Knot Ring
The ring version of the Turk's Head knot is just gorgeous. Someone uploaded a free tutorial here which shows you
exactly how it is done. You will need to make yourself a ring jig - a dowel with pins spaced at regular intervals- to help you guide the wire. His accompanying how to make a ring jig tutorial is here.

As this is a beginner tutorial, the author illustrated a 3-lead, 7-bight ring (above) for simplicity (see my past post on explanation of leads and bights and for string tutorials). 5-lead rings are more stable and look better. The ends of the wire are best soldered together.

Another artisan who shared what she had learned doing this type of knot rings is Amanda. In her post Turk's Head Knot Ring she gave a huge list of tips including the dowel size, the drilling of holes for the pegs and so on. A must read if you are going to attempt this style. Her 5-lead, 9-bight silver creation is on the left.

Do check out this inspirational site to see how fantastic these rings look especially with the use of twisted wires in various colors. The artisan is Loren Damewood who provides free tutorials using string and tips. He also has a tutorial on how to do knotted chain maille.

2. Twin Hearts Knot Ring
If you want a simpler knot ring to try, then zoom over to De Cor's Handmades for Corra's Twin Hearts free ring tutorial. The design is very clever - if you look carefully, you will see the interlocking hearts.

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