Weather and Climate Part 2 of 2
1.Rain and rainbows
It made me feel a little chirpier when I came across this delightful rainbow necklace by Mixko on Etsy called Here comes the sun cleverly made with ribbon and a plastic dove.

That last drop of rain?  It's at the back of the necklace!

What comes before a rainbow? Clouds and rain. This pair of British based artisans have got just the necklace to remind you of a English or in my case, a Haligonian summer! The cloud is made from felted wool.

Mixko is a design partnership between Nahoko Koyama and Alexander Garnett. They have been selling their creations not only on Etsy but also other outlets like MoMA in New York, the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, Colette and the Art Decorativs in Paris. Via

See my past post, Of rainbows and gemstones about the pretty weather phenomenon and rainbow gemstones.

2. Lightning Jewelry
Sometimes stormy weather includes lightning. Check out my past post on fulgurite or petrified lightning jewelry. If you have no idea what petrified lightning is, you've got to check it out. It's really cool.

3. Snowflake Jewelry
Many artisans make beautiful snowflake jewelry making it very difficult to choose one artisan's work to showcase this section. Shown here is Crazy Dazy's Beaded Snowflake jewelry set. The Colorado based artisan is Bev McCabe who has been making jewelry for 17 years. (The snowflake design you see here was designed by Sandra D. Halpenny who has tutorials for sale here.) Bev also indulges in other artistic pursuits like making cards and photography. Her ArtFire store reflects her interests.

4. Sun Jewelry
We are always glad when we see the sun for it melts away the snow!
Check out my past post on sun symbols including an ancient Celtic triple spiral originally found in Newgrange, Ireland - an older site than Stonehenge.

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