So what are the options if you collect vintage jewelry? Let me count the ways... 
1. Wear them
As a history lover, it was inevitable I would appreciate vintage jewelry. I do not have much of a collection but here are two of my favorite pieces. Both bracelets have hinged sections. The top elephant one is in stainless steel - on second thoughts, it might be some form of tin alloy like pewter. The bottom one has lovely mother of pearl inlays.

I am no expert on older jewelry so I can only guess which decade they are from - probably anywhere from the 1930's -1960's. If there are any readers who are more knowledgeable, please do comment!

Although they aren't really my style, I like them so much, I will wear them provided I have an occasion to do so.

2. Makeover designs
Some of the vintage materials are no longer produced so salvaging pieces - particularly the horribly dated or broken ones that no one wants - to revamp into new designs. See previous post for the how-tos.

3. Make a vintage brooch bouquet
Shown here is an amazing bouquet made up of several old brooches for a perfect vintage style wedding. It's not only beautiful but everlasting not like real flowers. Amanda Heer of Fantasy Floral Designs is the genius behind them. Every single one of her bouquets is one of a kind. Check out the Wedding Chicks post to see a whole gallery of them. The photography is by Amy Squires & Co.Alice Hu Photography. Via

4. Decorate your home
Check out my past post on a decorating idea using a vase and lots of crystals.

The Better Homes and Gardens site has really good ideas how to Transform Jewelry into Home Accents. Here are some of them - napkin rings, picture frame embellishments and artwork. Hat tips to Dana's Jewelry Designs and Gemma Beads for pointing it out.

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