I'm all ears Part 1 of 2
Looking for something different to wear with that special bare back evening gown? Then you can't beat the hip multi-chained Cold Hearted Snake Earpiece (available in different metals) for sending shivers down your back - literally. The chains slither across your skin with every move you make! The snake piece is slightly malleable so you can bend it for a custom fit.

Many of you won't be interested in wearing this. But the piece is one example of how to come up with memorable names for designs. It was inspired by the catchy Paula Abdul song "Cold Hearted Snake". The lyrics include "He's a cold-hearted snake, just look into his eyes" which you can listen to if you watch her marvelous dance and music video which tells the tale of a dance troupe trying to impress a producer.

How do you name your pieces? Snippets from books? What the piece reminds you of?

The limited edition design is by Han Cholo in collaboration with Lovemade, a PR/event company made up of creative female pros who are event planners, designers, makeup artists, fashion consultants, photographers and hair stylists.



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