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Earrings are my favorite pieces of jewelry to design. There are so many ways to make them different. Indeed the permutations are endless!  I really like all these earrings here for they have a contemporary look about them.

Debbie added lovely diamond shaped connectors adorned with crystals to her design. Seed beads and two-toned round crackle beads were the other two tiers.

Carol's approach using Debbie's collection was similar in that she chose defined shapes like circles and diamonds. Her hematite (or more correctly hemalyke) circle earring and pendant designs perfectly encircle white cat eyes.

Carol mixed round mother of pearl shell beads with diagonal squares and added diamond charms for this pretty vintage brass pair.


Beader designs #: 565-567

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  1. Wow, those are very nice- I really like the circled ones- reminds me of planets. They did a good job w/all of them.

  2. Very stylish choices - loving the geometric designs and texture in each of these lovelies!

  3. Great earrings...I like the mixture of shapes and colors!

  4. When I first started in jewelry, I had the worst time with earrings. Getting a simple loop just drove me crazy! Today, I love making earrings and my collection shows it.


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