Business Beginnings Part 3 of 3
If you've ever had to stare at charts and graphs at boring meetings, you will be able to empathize with Lisa Prince, a strategist at Wieden+Kennedy. But she let her imagination loose and "by squinting a little, the data began to transform into something quite beautiful." As the ThisPlot website cleverly puts it, when Lisa met art director, Nicholla Longley, "x met y" and the collaborative handcrafted jewelry collection was born. Other members of the team include graphic designer, Andy Prince and jewelry artisan, Hannah Havana.

The ups and downs of the commodity prices are tracked in gold plate, sterling silver and lead (limited edition) and encased in resin.  Shown below is their Silver and Oil necklace which actually shows the price of silver and oil over the last 30 years! See that black peak on the extreme right? That was the peak of oil prices last year just before the economic meltdown. Brilliant concept of turning data into wearable art!

The economy pundits tell us the worst is over. Let's hope, there will be more new business beginnings over the next year or so to make it so.

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