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Leopard Print Wooded Bead Jewelry

Debbie, my co-instructor and friend was asked to design a pair of earrings to go with an old wooden necklace sporting a leopard pendant. It was purchased years and years ago at San Diego Zoo.

Perhaps it speaks volumes about our combined bead collections but Debbie was able to find enough beads that complimented the necklace!

She made the hoop style earrings using some leopard print beads which resembled the original pendant somewhat and then added beads in the same color palette.

Beader Design #: 563

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  1. Great necklace...the earrings work well!

  2. I love the website... still learning to navigate, but free tutorials are brilliant and I thank you.

  3. Thanks Sheila for your lovely comment. Yes, there is an awful lot on my website as I've been writing everyday for nearly 3 years. Try using the Search Help at the top or go straight to my hub page for free tutorials.

  4. The earrings look great -as if they came with the necklace!


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