The reindeer dung necklaces and Christmas ornaments have certainly garnered media attention. I've already linked to the Miller Park Zoo site in Bloomington, Illinois on my facebook page. But I thought other blog readers might appreciate seeing what the Magical Reindeer Gems looked like and learn how they made them!

The reindeer droppings were first dehydrated and sterilized before being spray painted with glitter. As you can see, the necklace pendant has been made with one dung pellet and other beads. It looks like a snowman!

Someone commented on my facebook page that she once sent her father a beautiful letterpress card made from buffalo dung paper. He was not amused as he hadn't been sent bull**** in the mail before. She soothed him by saying, " isn't all that bad - I'm the dummy who licked the envelope!" So she is sticking to Hallmark for him!

I wonder if the zoo will be able to sell their limited edition collection. But one thing is certain, they have earned plenty of free publicity. Hopefully people will visit the zoo and spend money in aid of the zoo. Via

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