Time and time again, I am amazed at the extreme creativity of some artisans. I would never have come up with any of these unusual designs! Have a look and tell us which is your favorite.

Moustache brooches
Knitted facial hair? Who would have thought these would make such fun brooches for your sweater, scarf or purse? The WifeofBrian on Etsy, that's who. This British based artisan makes all kinds of knitted beards too! Via

Blank faced watch brooches
Watches are now an endangered jewelry species. Just ask any youngster and they will tell you they check the time on their cellphone or other gadgets. But a Japanese company called Novelax still regards watches as truly timeless. Their watch brooches are not functional as there are no hands to tell the time but they make lovely pins. Via

Man brooches
Men do wear flowers in their lapels on occasion but brooches? The Italian design house, Etro's Spring/Summer 2010 runway show introduced the idea of large colorful pins for men. The question is, will they catch on?  Via

Bejeweled band aid brooches
Now these bejeweled band aid styled pins are for really big boo-boos! The 18K gold or steel and sterling silver designs with garnet embellishements are from  Alyssa Dee Krauss's clever collection entitled "Bandages for the Heart"

She says a bandage symbolises both injury and healing. So her brooches are meant to be worn over the heart as a "declaration of personal loss on the mend". She also says they can also show support or given as a "medal of honor" for those who have suffered and endured. Via

Eyeglass Lens Brooches
Unwanted eyeglasses. Old magazines. Both are tossable but both can be recycled. And I thought separately until I came across the highly creative Jen Mazer who combines both into her distinctive one of a kind eyeglass brooches. They can be turned into necklaces too. Via

Puke Pet (Food Stain) Brooches

Tired of getting food stains on your clothes? Then follow the motto by designers, Miss Geschick and Lady Lapsus (update : link no longer available), “if you can’t hide it, embrace it!” They make two styles - plain stains and puke pets which are stains with personalities! Via

Garbage Brooches
Do you like chewing gum but find disposal awkward? Well, this designer has the solution - a wearable mini- garbage bin! The silver brooch works like common garbage bins complete with removable plastic bags. Fill it up, remove and wire shut before dumping into the next regular garbage can you come across! The Portuguese designer, Ana Cardim (update - link no longer available) also provides additional plastic bags and wires as a set. Via

Enema Bag Brooches
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