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A Fabulously Easy Looped Illusion Necklace Tutorial

I don't know about you, but I am planning to spend this weekend making last minute jewelry gifts and finishing up some orders. Time is short so I am always on the look out for quick projects with plenty of pizazz. So when I came across the Ever Decreasing Circles Necklace Tutorial by Bead Unlimited on Cut Out and Keep, I was immediately wowed.

This variation of illusion necklaces also uses crimps. However, they have an additional purpose here - they maintain the loops and join them together. I dare say it will work with fishing line as well as the usual beading wires. The designer also mentions the loop sizes can be varied depending on how much of a statement necklace you want. I haven't tried it myself but I think additional layers could be added to this basic two-strander. What do you think?

Update : Check out another version here

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  1. That is gorgeous Pearl...I do agree, additional rows would be wonderful, I think it would great with the same two rows and beads on the bottom row, it would look more like three rows...but then it does depend on the person wearing it. I could acutally wear it because it would be so light. I do love big and chunky but can't wear them, so I stay with simple pendants!!!

    Wouldn't it be wonderful with all the new colors of wire out could coordinate with beads...I'm going to check out the tutorial.


  2. This necklace would make a fabulous gift. The possibilities are endless with the variety of beads out there and as Heather said, colored wire. Hmmm...something with a shimmer. I'm gonna have to check out the tut too!

  3. This makes me wanna buy colored wires to try! But I must resist buying more supplies....

  4. Nice necklace idea. I'm glad they are showing some ways to use the new colored wire.

  5. I like making illusion necklaces with a silk thread or cord where I use knots instead of crimps to hold the bead in the crimps are eliminated its much faster, less messier and really easy to make(u dont need any tools) and thus looks very natural

  6. It is beautiful Pearl, very light and airy yet with enough substance to garner attention. I noticed it immediately when I visited Cut Out And Keep (went there to further explore the darling Berry Nice necklace that I ran across on your site).

    I'm taking a guess that a Bolt Ring could be a split ring or perhaps one of those locking jumprings?

  7. Cut Out and Keep is a British site. The bolt ring clasp is really what we call a spring ring clasp. Just look at the tutorial/design carefully and you can figure out what they mean.


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