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You've got to be a hermit living on a desert island if you haven't heard about golfer Tiger Woods' SUV accident and the subsequent revelations about his numerous marital transgressions. He reportedly told his friend he would have to run to Zales and get a "Kobe Special" which he described as "A house on a finger". He was referring to the $4 million diamond ring Kobe Bryant's wife, Vanessa Bryant, received after the star athlete was acquitted of rape.

A house on a finger? Tiger Woods just meant the cost of a house on a finger. Now, for real dream houses on fingers, you have to check out the new Villa de Reve Collection by Phillipe Tournaire. This highly respected and creative French jeweler has several amazing architectural rings. One of my favorites from his collection is the yellow and white gold Chateau ring with diamonds shown above (you can see one diamond at the top of the main chimney).

There are also many international inspirations - New York, Beijing, Florence, Rome. The double rings here represent a monastery and village homes.

This stunning Dubai house ring is white gold with amethyst and tourmaline :

Luxury homes have swimming pools right? Well, some Tournaire's house rings come complete with gemstone pools! This gold ring below is a Florida home with a rectangular aquamarine.

Why stop at single homes? Here is his Paris landmarks ring :

Each ring is hand made. The designer and his team work with an inspirational picture to come up with their spectacular rings!  These are only a fraction of their creative output so be sure to check out the site for this and other collections. Via

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  1. Awesome! Thank you for the photos. They are magnificent. :o)

  2. Wow -those rings could be used as weapons! I especially like the one with the swimming pool.

  3. Those rings are impressive...great miniatures!!!


  4. wow!!! those look so extravagant!

  5. Those are great!! I can see my cute little house on one, that would be adorable! Cool article, as usual! :)

  6. I love miniature stuff! Don't think I'd wear it but they certainly are very cool!

  7. Wow. I am sitting here with my chin on my chest. Amazing, just amazing!

  8. Never seen a house ring before. Very creative nad impressive.

  9. Quite impressive little rings. Wonder if anyone's been seriously injured by one?

    If I could afford one I'm sure it would end up as an artistic display piece, sitting in a velvet lined jewel box on top of my coffee table.


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