I'm not sure if I want a picture of Marilyn Monroe or even the Queen in my living room but you've got to give it to Gemstone Creative, they live up to their name. They can create any picture you want out of precious gemstones or if you're on a budget, Swarovski crystals.

How much does a custom design cost? Well, if you're hankering for a diamond-studded affair in 18K gold, be prepared to fork out $750,000 and up. You do save big though with Swarovksi crystal pictures which start at $3,000 and up.

 Here's a closeup of a David Beckham portrait:

I personally prefer their gorgeous animal pictures though. The peacock design was inspired by Byzantine mosaic work.

The process is painstaking and requires experienced artists and jewelers using the best materials. Brilliant cut 0.25 carat gemstones are used - lots of them- anywhere from 2000 to tens of thousands. A small 20 cm x 20 cm ( 4"x4") picture could take 2-3 months of work. Gemstone Creative also ethically sources their gemstones i.e. no blood diamonds.

Watch the Gemstone Creative video to see more of what they do.

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