Maybe I'm too old to be cool, but I really don't like to see bra straps showing when women wear spaghetti strap outfits, racer back tank or dresses with capped sleeves. It looks sloppy and slovenly. But as gravity is an issue, you wouldn't want to do without bras either. So what is a fashionable gal supposed to do?

Enter Ruth Davis, the creator, designer and owner of Lucky Lady Bra Straps (no longer available). She is a "shoulder jewelry" designer. Her handmade strap sets replace the utilitarian bra straps with beaded ones. You do get both form and function with her creations! There are five designs so far to choose from which will look great with many different kinds of outfits. They are eye-catching with off-the-shoulder peasant style tops. The beaded bra straps suits women of all ages - shoulders are the apparently the last parts of the body to betray your age. They're zit free too by the time we get to a certain age!

You're probably wondering if the straps are elasticated. The answer is no. Thin elastic will not last long given the heavy duty lifting involved! Beads biting into your shoulders won't be much fun either. So Ruth designed and will be patenting her special convertible bra adapter which allows for adjustable lengths. They work with bras with detachable straps. You replace the old straps with a ladder like adapter at the back and attach the beaded bra strap at the right location for you. Clever!

Ruth also does custom straps to match particular tastes and outfits. Don't have any convertible style bras? You can send her your bra and a seamstress will install the bra adapter. She also does Lucky Lady Bra Strap parties which are a blast not to mention a "boost" to her business!

Ruth's journey as an entrepreneur is inspiring. She has a degree in education and wanted to return to the workforce after taking time off to raise her children. For one long year, she searched tirelessly but fruitlessly for a job - she knocked on doors, made presentations and even worked with a headhunter. After that she decided to start her own business. With a good idea like hers and her can-do spirit, you just know she will succeed. She quipped how having a "supportive" husband helps too! and 

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