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Elegant Crystal and Chain Necklace Tutorial

With New Year celebrations just round the corner, you might be needing some jewelry to go with that black dress. Here is a lovely crystal and chain tutorial by Beads Unlimited on Cut Out and Keep to consider. The tutorial uses just words which I think is fine as this is an easy design to do. Doesn't it deliver on class and elegance? Its delicate look will appeal to many people.

Beads Unlimited is a UK bead store based in Brighton. Those of you who live in the UK might want to check them out as they do mail order. I've featured some of their awesome tutorials before. Check out their gorgeous beaded jewelry tutorial collection and the easy looped illusion necklace tutorial (I added another recent variation using black pearls).
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  1. Isn't this pretty...delicate,yes, classy and elegant, but makes a wonderful statement!!! Perfect for New Years!


  2. Very pretty!

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas full of life's blessings!


  3. It reminds me of a sort of Victorian design, very pretty!

  4. You're absolutely right, BetteJo. I thought it looked Victorian too.


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