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Jewelry inspired by the movie Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things AreFurry Inspirations
Part 1 of 2

There were some classic children's books I missed when I was growing up. Maurice Sendak's book Where the Wild Things Are was one. As many of you may already have noticed, there is a Spike Jonze film just out which brings to life this much loved book about the imaginary world of one small boy. But did you know it has also inspired a whole new faux fur fashion line and a jewelry collection by Pamela Love?

She took key elements, principally the claws, horns, leaves from the story to create the wild "jewels". Some of the limited edition jewelry are available at Opening Ceremony and from Collette.

Planning to take some young folks to the cinema? Then check out the trailer. The story is about a boy Max who throws a tantrum whilst wearing a wolf costume. He is sent to bed without supper. His imagination runs riot and he soon sails to where the Wild Things live where he becomes their king. But when he becomes homesick, he returns only to find his hot supper waiting.

The book is mostly illustrations but it is a powerful pictorial story acknowledging a child's anger and his "wild side" but at the same time, the reader is reminded of the grounding effect of parental love - that no matter what happens, there is comfort waiting - the hot supper or as in the movie, a mother's warm embrace.


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  1. HI! I'm so happy that I subscribed to your blog/list/journal.

    Normally I do not like daily emails of that nature, but your emails are so varied, INTERESTING and informative, I look forward to reading them. When on earth do you find the time?

    Best Wishes, Kathy in Wisconsin :o)

  2. I like this kind of design...a natural, earthy feeling to it!


  3. I never read the book either and I don't remember my kids having it. But I have a tee shirt with the creatures on it and I always get comments about it. People love it!


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