Furry Inspirations
Part 2 of 2
I learned a new Japanese word recently. It's "hokori" which means hairball.  Another thing I've learned through writing this blog is anything can be your muse. Even hairballs.  This post is about the hairball pin or brooch as a fashion statement.  It's made from blended wool and comes from Japan. You can purchase it for $2 (sale price) from Molla Space.

You know, this might be just the thing to wear for a really easy Halloween costume - you could go as static cling!

Here are some helpful do's and don'ts from the site :
1)  Use it as an accessory...not to start a fire.
2) Most effective when pinned where hairballs can be most evident on your clothing.
3) Wait for others to notice it first, before revealing the true nature of this hairball.
4)  Be careful not to brush it off or throw it away by mistake.
5) Be careful not to drop it on the floor as it will likely prove difficult to find.

And here's what Neeko, my cat thinks :


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