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Tom Binns' Get Real Jewelry That's Anything But Real

Tom Binns, the Irish born jewelry designer who once collaborated with Vivian Westwood in the 1980's punk rock scene has an incredible body of work over 2 decades. He is one of the chosen jewelry designers for Disney's upcoming Alice in Wonderland movie promotional product line. Always innovative and eclectic in his design approach, his 2009 Get Real collection really caught my attention.

Why? The Get Real collection consists of laminated collage pictures of jewelry from magazines! Talk about faux gems or in this case, cut and paste jewels! The prices aren't faux though - around $125 when they were available from Collette earlier this year.

His tongue in cheek designs echo his real life style. The Get Real line has been at least one DIY artisan's inspiration. Check out Jazzimcg's tutorial on how to make your own faux gems. She even recommends the best magazines to use - Vogue or Elle. As you can see below, she did a fabulous job! Via

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  1. Wow...very impressive...interesting and unique not something I would wear but you have to love his artistic talent!!!


  2. How cool is that?!! It makes me want to pull out all my crafting supplies and start on a fun and interesting creation! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  3. that looks like fun! I do have tons of magazine lying around. I always feel bad to just throw them away....

  4. Fabulous idea! I had to stop and really read it because I thought 'get real' might have been the collection name because who would wear them. Looking forward to seeing the disney collection.

  5. They are kind of fantastical, aren't they?


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