Today is my 3rd blogging anniversary. It's hard to believe I've written 1222 posts in that time! I couldn't have done it without all of you. So a big THANK YOU for making 2009 especially a terrific blogging year.

The top post last year which generated thousands of hits and dozens of tweets was JewelEye piercing - bling for your cornea (actually the sclera, not cornea) - which is surgically implanted jewelry. The Japanese marital countdown bra stops with an engagement ring post also garnered plenty of attention.

So to celebrate, I am going to share with you some of my favorites from Google Analytics - the search terms people used which brought them to my blog over the past year. Some are funny, some are weird and kinky and some are just plain sad.

It's a long post. Do grab a hot cup of tea or coffee and enjoy this read. I've categorized the search results and added some comments in italics. At the end of the sections, I've included some of the actual past posts involved which you may like to read if you missed them.

I'm a big fan of Google Search - the first relevant search engine and still the best in my books. Why wouldn't it  be when it served up my blog to someone looking for a journal with a gem on them? Or jewellery and women humor to another?

In fact, Google Search is so good people forget the engine only delivers what you type in. Punching in Oh my gosh necklace will only get you material with exactly those words, not necessarily the most amazing necklaces. Even then, amazing is a subjective term. What might be amazing to me may not be amazing to you.

People have come to rely on Google Search so much, some are on friendly speaking terms with it totally forgetting it's just a clever software program not a person.

how big is a .6 bead really - and no fudging the answer
I need to know how to make a wrap loop for a bead - and make it snappy!
can I get the picture book of making chains bangles earrings using beads and wire threads - please, pretty please?
I keep seeing a big round beaded bracelet on movie stars
which jewelry neck mandrel do you like best?

liceland lava jewelry
faint on ring tattoo
ring tottos
$3,000,000 braw

Inking Your I Dos - Wedding Ring Tattoos
$3,000,000 Bra : Victoria Secret's Fantasy Diamond Bra

Then there are the searches which make me go "Why didn't I think of that?" If you are a blogger or website owner and haven't really checked reader stats, this might persuade you to do so for ideas. If you go on to write any of the tutorials, do let me know!

Zulu meets Swarovski
how can I create my own jewelry line with rubber and leather bands
pen cap earring how to make
instructions for beaded cuff bracelet made with twisted metal zipper
can a jeweler make a ring into a toggle
crocheting rings with wire
ways to use a real rose in a bracelet
tutorial nested hoop earrings
how to make altered angel earrings from soda cans
handmade chain mail for dolls tutorial - this is going to be really tiny!

African beadwork - The Romance of Zulu beads
Fair trade jewelry - the Bombulu workshop jewelry from pop cans including angel pins
How to make leather jewelry tutorials
How to make a toggle clasp with twisted wire
How to make a beaded toggle and bar clasp

does copper make leather change color - yes it will if the oxidation products transfer to the leather
how to fake cinnabar - good idea because real cinnabar is poisonous
how to fake patina on copper
how do you pronounce paua - New Zealanders apparently pronounce it close to "power"
cow bone jewelry mad cow - you don't get mad cow disease from wearing cow bones!
are pearls unlucky (several versions)
has anyone boiled marbles to make them crackle
lightning glass jewelry
can you etch inside a diamond?
smile gem
how to you make a miniature perfume bottle for doll house????????? - use beads and jewelry findings!!

How to clean off green gunk from jewelry
Cinnabar- why fake is better
8 ways to patina jewelry
Iridescent, irresistible paua
Cow bone jewelry
Unlucky or lucky pearls?
How to fry marbles and make crackle bead jewelry
Natural Fused Glass Jewelry - Petrified Lighting jewelry is included
Beads and jewelry findings as dollhouse accessories

how to make reindeer poop - and I thought only reindeer did that!
reindeer poop cookies - I pass (pun intended)
kids jewelry maker that you can eat - you're going to eat the jewelry maker?
no whining pewter charm - I'm sure many mothers of young children want these too!
picking weeds lamp work beads
what gemstone helps you lose weight (several versions) - honey, if I knew, I would be rich

Reindeer poop jewelry
Toe rings help you lose weight

how to make bead bra
bra you dare to wear it
paua bra
chainmail sexy
free panties beading patterns
dream girl diamond massage

The Bra necklace - underwire bling
Chain maille: ancient and modern uses 
$3,000 Swarovski crystal bling-kini
Luxury diamond massages

what is real jewelry made of
putting on earrings video
it's painful to wear heavy earrings - no, really?
make eye with wire
tooth teeth tie jewelry
vampire Richard III - one of history's most maligned monarchs
imprint on my heart discount - there is really such a jewelry line
pictures of wire bra scarring
blood vial necklaces sterling silver fill your own - yes you can - check the vampire jewelry link below

Richard III, Middleham Castle and the Middleham Jewel
A big smile for tooth jewelry
Finger imprint jewelry - Imprint on my heart jewelry
Vampire Inspired Jewelry

selling your cornea
how do I get a job pearl diving

A dirty job : pearl diving
The Ama : the women pearl divers of Japan

lie detector earrings
poison rings cheap
where would a sleazy man hide larimar jewelry
easy ways to tell if your gem is a fake
heartbreak jewelry
dream exboyfriend and jewelry
sell my ex jewelry
current trend of divorced men wearing rings on left hand ring finger

Lie Detector jewelry - truth bracelet catches fibbers
Poison rings busted!
Larimar - the rare Caribbean gemstone
Exboyfriend jewelry selling site for love's hangovers

picture of body gems around the eyes
enemas from men in (adult site)
shoot the gem
toe ring story makeover bet big toe
did Michael Jackson like math or hieroglyphics more
Mel Gibson on dzi beads
bag there 32 gems
piercing a toe

Enema bag and reproduction inspired jewelry
Creating diamonds from Michael Jackson's hair
Michael Jackson nanophotograph inside a diamond
Body jewelry piercings in strange places
The world's most pierced woman

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