2009 has been a long and hard year for many. With the dawn of the new year, we can but hope we will truly see the back end of the Great Recession. However, even the gloomiest of situations served as a muse to one artisan. Sri Lankan born, now London based Kali Arulpragasam created her unique CRA$H jewelry collection for 2010.

Pie charts and dipping graphs highlight her recession inspired necklaces. She regards jewelry as a very powerful medium. She said, "You can use it to speak the truth about the banking bail outs and pensioners losing their life savings."

The economic meltdown really upset her so she set out to design something to get her message out. She added, "I think it is important to make people question, debate and change our times. I think we are dumbed down by the media, put into a trance by dancing girls in glitzy underwear, so I stick some issues in between those breasts and get the audience to think."

Kali`s designs have highlighted global issues before like hunger. She also created the amazing Superfertile collection made from food grains which I wrote about before. Also check out my past post on This is plot jewelry which takes its inspiration from the ups and downs of the commodity markets. Via and via
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