Carol enjoys chain maille a great deal. At one workshop, she practiced making double loops on both sides of glass beads. It's not as easy on the second side as Carol can attest. However, the effort was worth it as you can see from her beaded Byzantine chain maille bracelet.

Carol used a pretty light blue silver foil bead as the focal with two smaller dark blue glass beads to add color to the bright aluminum bracelet. As the Byzantine is worked with paired rings, it makes sense to also create the same effect on the loops on either side of the beads.

It required coiling with the round nose pliers and creating loops about the size of the jump rings themselves. Carol did a fabulous job as you can see in this close up.

Check out my past post on how to make the Byzantine and Box chain maille weaves for the instructions if you are new to this technique.

Beader Design # : 586

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