With a fun title like Crunchy Granola Charm, I just had to find out more about this new eBook. It is a 25 page project book for 7 very easy beginner necklaces and bracelets. Yvette Doss is the designer and author who loves the music of the 60's and is fascinated by the spirit of the era. So this is her "offering to all the crunchy granola girls out there".

The eBook is laid out well - you see both pages as you would if you opened an actual book. Yvette also took the time to list the suppliers. But she really is a 60's fan because she even has a list of suggested music from that decade to bead by!

California based Yvette is a journalist as well as a jewelry artisan. With her writing background, it's not surprising to learn Yvette has always wanted to launch a book publishing company. The internet certainly makes it easy for eBook writers. Crunchy Granola Charm is the very first title of Blooming Editions . Yvette has a knit design book in the works and hopes to move on to full-length books. She will be looking for submissions.

She's not the only jewelry artisan venturing out into the eBook world. I have featured other eBook authors before. I also know one reader is planning to write one. Without a doubt, we will see eBooks becoming more popular in the future especially when the electronic readers start to come down in price. eBooks make sense environmentally and there are cost savings. Plus you don't have to lug tons of books for your vacation reading. Yep, design inspirations on the go!!

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