Photographic Inspirations
Part 1 of 3
Many of us sell jewelry online. Those of you who do will agree taking good photographs is loads harder than making the jewelry. "Staging" the jewelry is also necessary to showcase the work. So one way to inspire our efforts is to view jewelry photo shoots by professional photographers and artistic directors.

I've featured some unusual photo shoots from time to time. Today's post appeals to the history buff in me -the French Revolution jewelry photo shoot.

Sharon Nayak is the creative genius behind this Marie Antoinette and Zoya Jewelry (Delhi, India)photo shoot. She chose that time period because of the opulence and unbelievable indulgence by the then French ruling class. The photographer is SureshNatarajan/sugudhan. The luxury jewelry pieces such as diamonds, rubies and emeralds are displayed on model Mariana or with decadent food like caviar and chocolate.

The phrase "Let them eat cake", the English translation of  "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche" (brioche is a luxury bread) is often attributed to Marie Antoinette. She supposedly uttered it after she was told the French peasants had no bread to eat. There is no evidence she was the source. But she was to pay a terrible price in the end - see my past bejeweled biography - The Last Queen of France's Pearls. Perhaps that's why the last photograph shows the model blindfolded as Marie Antoinette was when she lost her head.


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