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A Different Way to Wire a Cabochon

New in my shop is this green turquoise cabochon cord necklace. I remember holding the cabochon in my hand and wondering if I could do something other than the traditional way of wire wrapping these hole-less gemstones. So I decided to place the frame well within the edges of the stone. Just because.

The result was a funky, informal wrap I rather liked. But that's just me. If you prefer the traditional way, check my past post for the how to wire wrap cabochon tutorial. (link corrected)

Beader design #: 587

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  1. I need to say thankyou .. your blog is a tutorial adventure..

  2. You're very welcome! I'm glad you enjoy the adventure as I do!

  3. Great way to wrap Pearl...very unique...I don't do a great deal of this kind of wrapping as it doesn't come very easily to me!



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