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Asymmetrical Necklace Artistry by Stavroula

An asymmetrical necklace needs two types of people. A confident woman who can wear it with style and an artisan like Stavri with an artistic flare to create it in the first place. 

Stavri, who is from Nicosia, Cyprus, is the creative genius behind Stavroula's shop on Etsy. Her awesome Silk Necklace (above) is a new collection piece available in different colors. It is made from silk fabric, thread and silver wire and embellished with white rhinestones. It's a clever design because you can adjust the length by sliding the fabric portion along the long silky tassels.

Part scarf, part necklace, her Satin Cord and bulky beads necklace is simple but bold.

I would never have thought to use kilt pins but that's what Stavri uses for her Let's Rock necklace.

Her creativity is boundless. She made the beaded flower in this triple strand necklace.

Most artisans would have just hung the tear drop shaped pendant in this black agate and pearl necklace but not Stavri! Very inspiring! Via


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  1. Unique and interesting pieces...asymmetry adds a great deal to her pieces!


  2. Oooo these are wonderful! I am an asymmetrical kind of girl. Most of my designs are done that way since I am a little left of center myself. I have to think hard in order to make something perfectly symmetrical. I love the way Stavri has designed these pieces. There is a balance of texture and weight which makes them work!

  3. A little off center, Cindy? You're funny. Yes, I agree she has the eye and the knack!

  4. I love the look of asymmetrical jewelry, it's a very artsy style. But for whatever reason, I have the need for balance. So I try to come to a happy medium with my own designs to make them just a little more unique for my customers.

  5. i love asymmetry in necklaces, but i feel like the heavy part always droops down when i wear it.... any tips for prevention?

  6. You cannot prevent heavy parts moving to the front. So if you look at the above designer's necklaces, many of them offer good tips.

    1. Place the heavy portion just to right or left of center.
    2. Make the heavy portion looklike it is heavy but use light material like fabric.
    3. Try a counter balance on the opposite side.

  7. How unique! I love the originality of the asymmetrical pieces that are often humourous, and I also enjoy her use of silk cord. The combinations are very attractive. Thanks Pearl for introducing her.

  8. You're very welcome. These are the artisans who are so inspiring to us all! I still haven't yet made an asymmetrical necklace myself. Maybe someday.


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