One of the most popular ways to incorporate ribbon into jewelry is to use it like a cord. However, there are other ways. So as if you have loads to spare time, here are some wonderfully inspirational tutorials to get your creativity rarin' to go. This one by Ornamentea uses strips of frayed ribbon (tutorial no longer available). With the right beads, the end result is simply stunning!

Like many artisans, Tricia at Oh So Crafty came up with the above  faux pearl and ribbon bracelet design because she balked at an expensive designer piece going for $890 at Barney's. The original Lanvin bracelet didn't even use real pearls! Tricia recycled some pearls from a broken necklace and came up with a winner. You could add a ribbon clasp if you don't like the tie version. Via

Jessica over at the Happy Together blog was also inspired by another Lanvin pearl and ribbon necklace. As she didn't want to fork out $1350, she made her own. Her ribbon and pearl tutorial involves crocheting organza ribbon.

Ornamentea's ribbon and pearl tutorial (Update :no longer available) is different but oh so gorgeous. The Swarovski crystal rhinestone balls accent add class and elegance to this project.

Anji Davison over at the Pom Pom Emporium blog has this awesome bib tutorial (Update : no longer available). You have to pop over and ogle the possibilities this highly creative artisan showcased. The ribbon in her tutorial is for the ties but you could certainly use ribbon to embellish the bib. It is similar to the rhinestone bib tutorial I wrote about not long ago. However her blog post shows what else you can do besides glue rhinestones on the bib.

Jenna C on Cut Out and Keep is the designer for this awesome Bow Dainty necklace. As the ribbon lengths are long on her necklace no clasps is needed. But you could always alter the lengths and add a clasp. She is right, the necklace will look cool with either casual or more formal outfits.

I've written about this woven ribbon pendant tutorial before but here it is again with this cluster. It is by Diane Gilleland over at Craftstylish.

This beautiful multi-chain necklace couldn't be easier as you link all the chains to a giant jump ring and use ribbon as the tie. Kudos to the Hotstepper on M.I.S.S.

This jade and ribbon tutorial from the Martha Stewart site is a good one if you want to try knotting.

The Small Object was inspired by an Anni Albers zinc washer and grosgrain ribbon necklace. It took many attempts before she could make her own Ribbon and Washer necklace.This could be an eco project if you recycle old washers.

Vision in HD has another easy to do double chain and ribbon necklace. The ribbon is woven in and out of the links.

Johanna Love from the Stampinton Co. has 2 video tutorials for making a wire wrapped charmed necklace. Instead of charms, you could wrap beads.

Part 1

Part 2

Brightlings Beads also has an easy video tutorial to make what they call the Mermaid Wave necklace.

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