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How to Make Easy Filigree Wrap Pendants and Rings

Got some lovely gemstone cabochons, crystals, button or enamel beads you'd like to make into the pendants?  If time is short or if you're not into wire work, here is an easy way to enclose them.

Just simply wrap them with a large filigree as you can see in my Hidden Jewel Vintage Brass pendant  shown on the right.

Also check out my past post on Yours Truli's outstanding vintage style jewelry inspirations.

Filigree wrap tutorials

Art Bead Scene has a lovely step-by-step tutorial featuring a gorgeous polymer clay focal.

The first video tutorial is from Vintaj jewelry. The instructor shows you how easy and quick it is to do a pendant! The last shot in the video includes an amazing array of design ideas.

This second filigree wrapped video is by  Kabela Design via the JewelryMakingProfessor. As you can see, there are different types of filigrees to choose from. I like how a wire knitted cord is used for the necklace part.

Filigree wrap ring
This video tutorial using components from Kabela Design covers how to curve the filigree and gluing on the focal. I would prefer to add some unobtrusive wiring as well for extra security. Rings have to take a lot of abuse. 

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  1. nice...any idea where I can find filigree pieces to be made in to rings or pendants

  2. Many jewelry suppliers have filigree pieces. If you like the look of the vintage ones, try Vintaj. A bit pricey though.

  3. The use of filigree components has intrigued me before but I was a little leery about trying to bend them. Since they are a bit pricey the thought of breaking one made me hesitant but the results are so pretty I think I'll probably give it a try.
    Thanks for such a variety of videos and sources of information on this technique.

  4. Just do it slowly and carefully. Overworking metal is one sure way of breaking it. If you are concerned, practice on inexpensive filigrees first. Pearl


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