When I was a child, my mother lost her pearl earrings down the bathroom sink drain.

Just think if she had the transparent PermaFLOW Never-Clog Drainshe could not only see if they were still stuck in the pipe, it could also have helped her retrieve them. Pity the patented design wasn't invented back then!

The unit is "engineered to increase turbulence to propel debris and minimize potential build-up." As it is also transparent, you will be able to keep an eye on the state of the drain.

Got a clog? Just turn the integrated wiper and the blockage is gone. No chemicals, no expensive plumbing bills. It fits standard drains and there are adapters for older types. No wonder it is an award winning, environmentally friendly design.

Back to the lost jewelry bit. If you see that you've lost your ring, you can use the wiper to lift up your precious piece enough so you can use a hook, coat hanger or some other tool to retrieve it.  Watch this video (no longer available) which shows you how a small toy car is retrieved from the trap. How much does this miracle device cost? Just $20. I want at least one!

But if you accidentally flushed jewelry down the toilet, you're out of luck unless you had the resources of this lady whose $70,000 diamond ring fell off her hand when she was in a restaurant bathroom.

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