Rhinestone inspirations
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Statement necklaces are all the rage. I can certainly see why - team a large eye-catching necklace with a plain dress and it'll be instant pizazz. So for ultra-glamor, you've got to check out Sparkle Beast Designs on Etsy.

Natalie Smith's bib style necklaces really deliver on color and uniqueness. Her necklaces are designed with huge rhinestones on sheer lightweight netting giving the illusion of floating gems. She also uses ribbons so the overall weight is much reduced than if she had metal connections. For people who are totally metal allergic, her designs are a great alternative.

Needless to say this creative artisan loves not just sparkly jewelry but dramatic costume design too. She is studying costume design and is into cosplaying - or costume playing. She designs and wears costumes for specific roles. You can check out her other passion here.


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