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Designer Inspired Sparkly Rhinestone Jewelry Tutorials

Tom Binns has arguably been one of the most inspirational rhinestone jewelry designers. I consider him the king of sparkly statement jewelry.

His signature style not only features rhinestones but sometimes safety pins which harks back to the punk rock era. Shown on the right is one of his pieces.

Not many people can afford to buy his wonderful eclectic creations but a number have gone on to make their own rhinestone statements and have generously wrote up free tutorials.

The Ongoing Project loved the above Tom Binns design so much, she made her own version and shared her instructions (no longer available.)

Chic Steals was similarly inspired so she made her own earring version. Very pretty too! Check out her tutorial (no longer available)

Chic Steals also loved a couple of J.Crew August 2009 rhinestone necklaces. She wanted the same style and viola! Her double rhinestone necklace with ribbon and chain (and tutorial) was born!

Val of Bleach Black did this really pretty rhinestone necklace tutorial (no longer available). The smaller stones will suit people who don't like them big. She too was inspired by Tom Binns.

I was most impressed with this super easy Sparkling Bib Tutorial(no longer available) from the Martha Stewart Craft of the Day site. It's really quick as you glue down the rhinestones onto fabric and attach the ribbon.  The video on the site takes about 5 minutes.

I've featured LoveMaegan's multi-stranded mixed rhinestone necklace before but in case you missed it, here it is again!

Jenna C posted this quick rhinestone cuff bracelet tutorial on Cut Out and Keep. Another easy one for impatient fashionistas!

Want a little less bling? Then try Jenna's other tutorial (no longer available) which features just a touch of rhinestone trim.

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  1. WOW! all of those pieces are to die for! Gorgeous!

  2. Really enjoyed seeing your work, yet it brought tears to my eyes seeing the safety pins on the pieces. Reminded me of a morning my grandmother was getting ready for her and myself to go to church and when she was ready -her necklace had a safety pin on it to hold it together. Thanks for the memory... have a blessed day.
    Beading Granny -

  3. LoveMaegan's necklace is very beautiful! Thanks for the tuts too.

  4. Gorgeous pieces Pearl...I love multi strand necklaces and make them, clientele prefer pieces that are a little more subdued... :0)



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