Sarah is just 16. She's not into a whole lot of bling. However, she was fascinated with chain maille at her mother's beading party. She rose to the challenge of learning how to do it and completed this bracelet for her mother in an afternoon! Bravo Sarah on two counts. One, you learned the Byzantine weave and two, you wanted it for your mother not yourself.

Sarah used brass rings which has the look of gold without the cost. Solid metals are so much better than the coated ones like anodized aluminum. The color on the latter do not last. Brass is also heavier than aluminum. Some people do not like it if the jewelry is too light. The bracelet should be stored in a zip lock bag because brass will tarnish. If the vintage look is frowned upon, brass can easily be cleaned with a bit of vinegar or lemon juice.

Beader design # : 593

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