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Cubic zirconia fan wire wrapped necklace is finally finished!

Remember the tutorial on how to use large bail forming pliers? The design I showed as an example of how to use this great tool was not complete at the time.  I actually didn't have the right sized sterling silver chain on hand. So I couldn't show the finished piece.  Well, here it is finally complete and in my Etsy store!  (This is a Life Collection piece where 100% of net proceeds will go to cancer research).

The faceted cubic zirconia was such an unusual shape and I have to admit it took me a while to come up with a design.  Sometimes, designs come quickly. At other times, it pays to let your subconscious mull over possibilities.

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  1. Beautiful necklace the detail!

    Yes those cubics are an unusual shape...but popular...when I went to choose some they were out of stock!

    The design idea was worth the wait Peart...I know what you mean about how a design comes to mind...often I will wake up with one in my head...not sure why but what ever works!!! :0)


  2. Wow, this is a really amazing design. I love how the complexity of the wirework only heightens the focus on the cubic zirconia. Very beautiful!

  3. Stunning design, Pearl! Must get out my bail forming pliers and try this. Your curlicues are so inspiring.

  4. Both your necklace and your generosity are inspiring, Pearl! What a wonderful piece to include as part of the Life Collection.

  5. It's definately a beautiful piece!


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