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At first glance, this necklace looks like a large link sterling silver chain. Look a little closer and you will see it is made entirely of spring clasps! What a totally cool idea as you can remove chunks to alter the length. There is also no more groping for the clasp to undo the necklace.

Indeed the designer, Ron Gilad calls it the Endless Necklace because there is "no beginning, no end, just closure." The cost is $95.  (Update : link no longer works).
This idea is similar to the necklace in this post How to stop clasps from moving to the front which used decorative S clasps and short pieces of chain.

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  1. Hilarious! Why didn't I think of it??? This is fun and whimsical and has cool designer look to it. Really fun! I can imagine some beader's husband sitting at her work table and playing with clasps like this, only to now realize that he thought of it first but didn't know he was onto something! Good for Ron Gilad. Only concern is the tiny pin stabbing you in the neck. But for the sake of great design, I think that can be overlooked!

  2. Your reaction was exactly the same as mine, Dara! I wish I had thought of it first!

  3. You girls made me laugh so hard and I can see the husband sitting there. What a great design idea from Ron!

  4. Cute, cute, cute! One of those things that was just meant to be, right time/right place. Love it!

  5. I saw this post yesterday and thought I left a comment??? Oh well...will leave one now...

    I think this is great...definitely uniqe and interesting!!!


  6. How unique! You could almost call it the "infinity necklace" just goes on and on...

    Never have to worry about finding the clasp on this design to take the necklace off!

  7. It's truly attractive but the best part is you'd never have a problem finding the clasp. Also think that it's neat to know that it could be taken apart and used as a bracelet or you could add to the necklace and make it as long as you desire...or until you run out of clasps, whichever comes first.


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