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Niobium earrings for hypoallergenic ears!

I am sensitive to nickel so shucks, only the good stuff for me - sterling silver and gold. I am lucky as some women are so allergic to metal, they can't even wear those. They are invariably disappointed at not being able to sport earrings....until they come to our workshops. We offer niobium ear wires which really work. Niobium is the metal used in pacemaker devices.

One happy camper is Courtney who made the earrings above. Niobium is naturally a dark grey color so there are some limitations to the colors you can use. I like how Courtney chose black crystals to tie in the salmon pink crystals to the niobium.

The above Regency Romance niobium earrings are new in my shop. Simple dangles with a simple solution for hypoallergies!

Beader designs # : 588-589

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  1. Sadly, I am one of those people that just can't wear very many earrings, even sterling silver or gold for a very long period of time, disappointing for a beader who loves to make earrings. I'll have to look into getting some of these niobium earwires to try out. I think I've even seen them some places in different colors!

  2. Have you tried surgical steel? We sell a lot of it, and it is hypoallergenic. Try it, you might be surprised!

  3. Good information Pearl...I have customers as well that have reactions...I've found a Canadian company that sells both niobium wire & ear hooks in different colors as well as nickle free stainless steel...which are very popular as nickle is often the culprit when it comes to reactions!!! But then you knew that...I used stainless steel for almost four years for those with issues and never had anyone tell me they had a reaction, but when I found the nickle free stainless I decide to just use those instead! Of course I use sterling silver or gold/ gold filled...I never use plated anything for ear wires!


  4. I'm glad you brought that up Heather. Most people think stainless steel is okay but it does contain some nickle. I myself react to the so-called surgical stainless steel so it's best to source stainless steel without any nickle.

  5. Allergies seem to be more and more a problem. Usually I use nickle-free plated ear wires, but I always keep sterling, goldplated and surgical steel ear wires in my stash, so I can change them for customers being allergic. Good information, Pearl!

  6. Some people can also tolerate Medical grade Titanium. Can be colorized like Niobium and could be an alternative. :) Now all i need is some sweet looking lever back earrings, any suggestion as to where i might find above earring style in Niobium / Titanium would be really appreciated.

    Everyone in life deserves Peace, Love, Unity & Respect (P.L.U.R)

  7. I haven't been able to track down a supplier of niobium lever backs either. Perhaps another reader could enlighten?


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