I am sensitive to nickel so shucks, only the good stuff for me - sterling silver and gold. I am lucky as some women are so allergic to metal, they can't even wear those. They are invariably disappointed at not being able to sport earrings....until they come to our workshops. We offer niobium ear wires which really work. Niobium is the metal used in pacemaker devices.

One happy camper is Courtney who made the earrings above. Niobium is naturally a dark grey color so there are some limitations to the colors you can use. I like how Courtney chose black crystals to tie in the salmon pink crystals to the niobium.

The above Regency Romance niobium earrings are new in my shop. Simple dangles with a simple solution for hypoallergies!

Beader designs # : 588-589

For more tutorials check out my Jewelry Making Tips

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